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Numerical Skills/Pre-algebra Placement Test

Use this pre-test if you would like to take Math 71, Math 81, Math 91, or Math 98.

Percentage of Items in Pool Content Areas Content Areas Percentage of Items in Pool
11 Basic operations with integers Multiples and factors of integers 3
20 Basic operations with fractions Absolute values of numbers 3
14 Basic operations with decimals Averages (arithmetic means) 10
9 Exponents Order concepts (greater than; less than) 1
10 Ratios and proportions Estimations skills <1
15 Percentages Number theory 1
1 Conversions between fractions and decimals Counting problems and simple probability 2

(Computing and Arithmetic Average)

1.  What is the average (arithmetic mean) of 8, 7, 7, 5, 3, 2, and 2 ?                                  

A.         B.          C.          D. 5          E.

(Basic Operations with Decimals)

2.  Ben is making wooden toys for the next arts and crafts sale.     Each toy costs Ben $1.80 to make.  If he sells the toys for $3.00 each, how many will he have to sell to make a profit of  exactly $36.00?

 A. 12       B.  20        C.  30       D.  60        E.  108

(Basic Operations with Fractions)

3.  How many yards of material from a 24-yard length of cloth remain after 3 pieces,  

each yards long, and 5 pieces, each of yards long are removed?

A.        B.        C.        D.         E.


4.  Phillip charged $400 worth of goods on his credit card.  On his first bill, he was not charged any interest, and he made a payment of $20.  He then charged another $18 worth of goods.  On his second bill a month later, he was charged 2% interest on his entire unpaid balance.  How much interest was Phillip charged on his second bill?

A.  $8.76        B.  $7.96        C.  $7.60        D.  $7.24        E.  $6.63

(Order concepts (greater than; less than)

5.  From choose all the symbols that make the statement: 25 - 5 __ 14 + 3 true.

A.      B.      C.      D.      E.


6.  Evaluate and simplify: +

A.  25        B.  28        C.  13        D.  26         E.  10

(Linear equations in one variable)

7.  If - 6 = 10 then =

A.           B.          C.        D.          E.

(Setting up equations for given situations)

8.  Which of the following expressions represents the results of decreasing a number by 7 and then  multiplying that number by 3.

A.          B.         C.         D.         E.

(Linear equations in one variable)

9.  In the equation A = , if A = 90 and = 15, then = ?

A.  10         B.  1         C.  1.10          D.  -15          E.  +15


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